A TREMENDOUS IDEAL FOR RAISING MANY THOUSANDS OF CHANGE AGENTS. Please read this and share it with your organization and friends. I want this to really spread.

I am an ex educator and attended Teacher's College grad school at Columbia University. I am starting an organization with the goal of creating MANY thousands life long change agents and global citizens.. ..people who can have an effect throughout their lives to help change their communities, their nation and the planet. My goal is to create an after school club at high schools across the US and internationally with thousands of chapters. This can be done really effectively from one simple web site and the means I describe below. We deeply need to develop young people with this kind of life long commitment, not just something they do in school if we are going to change the planet. This will be a constant message we convey to the students.

Very importantly our web site will encourage students who join to take consistent, active participation in creating new chapters around the country and the world so the organization can expand virally. We will give the students ways of doing this. They will also become involved in creating increased membership in their own school.

Many club activities are possible. For their meetings they can get material and do a presentation on a chosen topic . Students can choose topics related to the broader definition of "peace education" that includes all aspects of peace, human rights, social justice and sustainability, community involvement etc. They can treat issues and topics that are local, domestic and international. We include a list of topics and resources on our web site. They can create questions for dialogue or use those on our web site and discuss the topic. They also can engage in all kinds of action based activities that involve the student body and the community. They can have films, bring in guest speakers, put up exhibits in the school halls, write articles for their school newspaper and local newspaper, create projects that involve the entire school, share their projects and ideas on our web site with other students around the world etc They support things that existing community, or larger based organizations are doing and solicit student support and create their own projects. I also think real change agents have to know which are the most important areas and the most effective organizations to support. This is part of the training to become a real change agent and global citizen. There are no limits on the kinds of creative activities they can do.

We also encourage them to focus on "human revolution" and how each individual's inner change can create an effect on their immediate environment, relationships and community and even the planet. . The main goal is to inspire students to become life long change agents and global citizens and give them specific actions they can take throughout their lives in this respect. We need life long commitment, not just something someone does in school.

Our web site will give them guidelines and resources. It will include suggested topics and materials on how to have dialogue (versus debate) and specific resources and suggestions for meetings and activities etc. They can possibly use the projects and presentations they create for extra credit or link it to their classroom work. They can also use membership on their college application.

We also aim at having an effect on the educational system itself in whatever ways we can. Okay so we need volunteers- from your home, on your computer who can help us with ideas, suggestions, research, web design and various things. Anyone can help with whatever time or resources you possessOeeven a little.. E mail me at creatingthechange@gmail.com. I would really appreciate your response, ideas etc.

This is also an idea your organization might want to do. The more the better!

Ray Gutoski